1 Candle Jock F. McTavish
Calgary, Canada
Doings - Learnings - Sharings.
1 Journey - My Poetry     Each personal journey follows a unique path. Yet we often have similar experiences and encounter similar people. These words often reflect the people I have encountered along the way. Their achievements and challenges, their virtues and foibles, their faith and courage, their hope and promise, seem always to set my muse to marvelling. Share then, some stopping turning points of my journey.
Picture Albums     Here are some photo albums of work and family and wanderings about. These are put forward under the creative commons for any to use. Especially look at the photos from Rosebud.
Multiple Sclerosis     In 1992 I was diagnosed with MS. I have been fortunate to find critical information, good advice and ways to manage the dragon. Here is collected the best of this, and a sharing of experience. There are some remarkable people around the world who share the work. I am not only the advocate of these viable helpful "alternatives", but their evidence. I cope very well.
The Bookstudies     I've led a church bookstudy group at St. Davids United Church with friend Wayne Holst for quite a few years. We've covered a broad spectrum of religious issues from the liberal/progressive perspective. These archives are a research resource on the themes raised in each study. Also lots of multimedia links. Many are unawares of this christian tradition where myth is not confused with history.
Avionics Page    Avionics is the electronic engineering within aviation. This was my work. (I'm retired now). Here are some papers, presentations and collections of that trade.
WEB - Exploring the global village
Stumbleupon   Google delivers most of the internet to us based on an  algorithm of popularity. Stumbleupon is based not on the idea of popularity but of QUALITY. Participate in this experiment and share what you like and dislike, as you come upon new sites. Stumbleupon gives you sites as selected by the membership within the criterion you set, of the best, the remarkable and the worthy. Inspiring,surprising and uncommon work is found this way.
Alternative News Page   The regular news outlets of the world are pretty much now reduced to a few owners, and reduced coverage and predictable opinions. Yet there are more journalists than ever before, that give us the facts behind the news. They are putting out their own blogs and doing op-ed pieces on the blogs of others, and writing books. This page tries to introduce these voices to you.
Compassion and Justice Page   What is wrong must be put right. The shear number of concerned people working to make the world work more equitably, and to tend to those hurt and neglected by the powerful.
Aboriginal Justice in Canada Page   Canada is at a crossroads respecting the relationship between Canada and First Nations people. This page collects the best and most informative links on Truth & Reconcialtion , Idle No More, and The Missing Women.
Blogs of Friends and Family
Wayne Holst - The Colleagues List    Wayne is a friend - a "retired" pastor and educator. He provides an interesting and free service for his many friends and colleagues by blogging a weekly "best of the best" monitoring of the web on the subject of progressive religion, as it crosses the old boundaries of creed, cult and culture. See what's making the world a better place. "Global and ecumenical in scope, Canadian in perspective."
Marjorie Gibson - Marjorie Remembers   In her nineties, Marjorie continues to inspire and entertain with her little weekly stories. They are the recollections of her long and fascinating life. She also likes to philosophize on what it it's like to grow old. Her blog is full of salt-of-the-earth stories. Check it out.
Gerry Stauffer - Son of a Pioneer     His life was full, full of stories. Any time we gathered, Gerry would remember the characters and circumstances that filled his life with interesting events. For remember he did. Here are gathered a few of his best that we captured and transcribed. Enjoy.
Lorraine Cooper - Sunlight and Shadows      Lorraine Cooper recently surprised her friends and family. She did this after she died. As we gathered to celebrate her most active and interesting life, we discovered she was even more creative than we knew. Here is some of the excellence she noticed and transcribed. Here are her etchings. Enjoy this worthy fare.
Ken McTavish - Scotties Toy     Brother Ken flies an aircraft made the same year as he was. There is no longer any manufacturer support. He lovingly maintains it with the help of others like himself in a sharing community. In this spirit, he has collected and collated a considerable amount of information on the twin navion aircraft.
Trevor McTavish     Nephew Trevor (Ken's son) is of course also an aviator, both a pilot and an aero techologist. His website celebrates his various interests in aviation. Of particular interest, he has become an excellent photographer, and puts many of his photo galleries on site. A budding author, he is creating a history of aerial firefighting. He has published a history of Chinook Flying Service and his grandfather Franz McTavish. LINK