Alternative News Sources Jock F. McTavish
Calgary, Canada
Mainline media no longer give us all the news we need to hear. There are abundant new forms of news available on the internet. But there is a change. Authority is gone, and Critical Thinking is necessary. In the past, news media hed authority because they worked hard at being honest. Truth has become a victim today. Rumour and opinion are put forward as facts. The internet has no editor. You yourself must sort through the assault of information that comes to you when you "search" the internet. With that said, here aresome Alternative News sources I have found to have integrity.
e-Media People
Noam Chomsky.   Chomsky's dissident voice may be the most senior and most respected in Wester media. His memory of the history of freedom and power is encyclopedic. He is on the other side of pretty well everything the powerful do and say. He is also a professor of linguistics at MIT. Search any political subject with his name for a depth of data. Much on Youtube. An example "The Emerging New World Order: its roots, our legacy" 61m
Chris Hedges    Hedges is definitely a one-of-a-kind. An career journalist with 25 years covering the world's wars. An ordained (Presbyterian) critic of the Christian Right. An intense voice for radical change. Hedge's scholarship is extensive - his ideas are given full historical context. An author. A speaker. An activist. Very active in alternative media interviews. Youtube Channel. and weekly article at Truthdig.
Robert Fisk   is regarded highly as a commentator on the Middle East (35 years). Lives in Lebonon. His voice is one seeking justice. He is steeped in history, and reports from the midst of events. He is critical of Israeli and American policies. His primary venue is the Independent of London, which limits access to his pieces. The Belfast Telegraph has recently taken publishing his weekly op-ed pieces.
Tom Englehardt    Englehart's blog  attracts many top notch reporters. His is "an antidote to mainstream media". The interesting thing is he introduces each op-ed piece by putting the author and the information in context. Tom finds the stories we are missing and need to see. His latest book is "Shadow Government".
Pepe Escobar is a Brazilian journalist. He writes a column - Empire of Chaps - for Asia Times Online, and works as an analyst for Russia Today as well as Al Jazeera and Iran's Press TV. He is excessively critical and ironic but notices and reports on what others do not see.
Naomi Klein    Author, journalist, economist, film maker and activist. Canadian. Klein is well spoken and intense. Her research on any subject is extensive. Active in: Climate Change, Democracy., Economics. Youtube is the best place to catch her latest thinking. BLOG. Major extract from her book on Hurriane Katrina
e-Media News Organizations
The Tyee    The Tyee strives to be a widely read and respected independent online magazine that publishes news, reviews and commentary not typically covered by B.C. and Canada's mainstream media. We aim to inform and enliven the democratic conversation necessary to improve environmental, economic and social conditions.   is "news for the rest of us". rabble is Canadian activist site of quite broad proportions. it maintains an internet international news selection from the left progressive spectrum. Rabble began as and still is mainly a discussion board and an information wiki for Canadian dissidents & activists. Checkout the "toolkit".
VICE News   Vice is young and strong. 2 years old. And their staff are largely millenials. They do international news at the documentary level by going to the story - even in the midst of war. It likes to cover what no one else is covering. They now create daily content of story and video.
The Huffington Post - Canada. An ambitious internet media organization founded 10 years ago by Arianna Huffington, and now part of AOL. It is basically a newspaper without the paper. It's won a Pulitzer. It is pretty much middle of the road, but has attracted a large stable of contributors and can be relied upon for news of the regular sort. It is also decentralizing by creating local editions such as Huff-Calgary.
BBC - NEWS   BBC radio always had world wide reporters and a broad (empire's) view of the world . BBC Internet was one of the first of the new genre combining the qualities of TV, Newspapers, Documentaries and On-the-spot reporting. They continue to report on the broad side, but are just a wee bit left of mainstream.
The Guardian   is a model of the online newspaper. It continues to be a traditional newspaper (UK) but also provides 24/7 coverage of world events with text and with video that is the new standard. It ihas kept staff. Over 200 persons are named on site as reporters. They just recently advanced the policy of "Keep it in the ground" respecting the coal, oil and gas consumption that is causing climate change. Their op-ed people are qualified.
Democracy Now   has a daily 1 hr "War and Peace Report". These are archived and annotated so you can just check once in a while to catch up. After the headlines (the usual TV news) they do a marvellous job of filling in the backstory - by interviews of the people on the ground - balanced by interviews with experts. They often dedicate the time to a single author or person. Being in New York, they do a lot of International and UN news. It is said Amy Goodman is this generation's Bill Moyer (of PBS fame). Youtube Channel.
Russia Today -TV    is an internet/TV site owned by the Russian government - in various countries and languages. Definitely biased towards Russia. And particularly critical of the West. It therefore attracts a lot of Western dissidents. Nevertheless the staff do excellent interviews. Youtube Channel.
Al Jazeera  is an internet/TV News site owned by Qutar with 80 news bureaus around the world. Again, there is a slight anti-west bias in their work. But it can be depended upon to cast light on news the western media pay little heed to. They initially hired ex-BBC people who set the tone of the organization. They have a large number of reporters and some excellent staff interviewers. Youtube Channel.
TeleSUR   South American perspectives in English. A new world class source of news, with a focus on South America, and itheir incredible recent advances in democracy and economic cooperation.
Bolivia Rising   aggregates articles in English and translates others from Spanish to English, on the theme of the turning tides in South America. Here you can learn of the New Bolivarian Revolution. Here you can follow the astonishing happenings in Bolivia on Aboriginal rights, coca vs cocaine, a new people's constitution, economics neither capitalist or socialist, and Climate Change or Pacha Mama (Mother Earth).